Monday, February 7, 2011

Francisco Goya

The Dog, 1820-1823

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  1. Francisco Goya or Francisco Jose de Goya y Lucientes, was born in Spain, Fuendetodos (Saragossa)30 March 1746 and died in France, Burdeos, 16 April 1828)after being exiled by king absoloute Fernando VII. At first he was an academic painter and was also a painter of Royal House of Carlos IV since 1789, but, after the Independence War of Spain against Napoleon, he evolutioned to an dramatic and wild style, and he preconized the modern painting, Impressionism, Manet, Picasso and Francis Bacon, of course. This painter deaf, the deaf genius, like Beethoven, painted in "La Quinta del Sordo" (in the House of the Deaf Man)the "black paintings" 1821-1823 like the great painting "Saturno devorando a sus hijos" (Saturn Devouring His Children) or "El Aquelarre" (The coven of witches), the best examples of modern pictures. Other big pictures are "El 2 de mayo"(1808) about the first day of Spanish war againts French army in Madrid, when the civil people fougth against Moorish French cavallery in the "Plaza del Sol" (Sun Square)and and "Los fusilamientos del 3 de mayo" (1808), repression and mass executions of people of Madrid by the French army in the Moncloa, currently the gardens and around the palace of Spanish prime minister. He last picture was "La lechera de Budeos" (The milkmaid of Bordeaux)about 1825-1827. written by Carlos Manuel Fernandez de Liencres Segovia, teacher of History and Art, writer and painter.