Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Matt Jones

There is a sense that almost any otherworldly and inexplicable phenomenon can take place within Matt's universe! This ostensible potential for anything to happen along with Matt's exuberant punk aesthetic hearkens back to a time in adolescence when everything was new, exciting, and the future was limitless. Just as through the lens of Physics we become aware of how wildly inaccurate many of our presumptions about the world are, through the eyes of Matt, we become mindful of the unfathomable intricacy that exists even in the most banal of moments.
Matt offers us a revitalizing respite from the prevailing flavor of our times; he re-mystifies the world for us. It's hard to believe that there are academics and artists who still talk about "the demystification of art!" That's such a dull, pretentious and outdated conversation to have. As if anyone in the art speaking world really needs to be elucidated on the monkeyshines of Art! Let's place a permanent moratorium on any conversation pertaining to either the demystification of art or the anti-heroic.
Beings emerging out of portals!!! For these plywood sculptures, Matt uses the same methods that street artists use when pasting posters to walls. The DIY method along with the economical and accessible materials Matt uses in this body of work, embody the inclusive sense of community in the punk ethos.  

After being exposed to Matt's infectious enthusiasm and optimism, all I wanted to do was  rush back to my own studio and start painting!!

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