Friday, April 20, 2012

Stephen Truax at Storefront Bushwick

Stephen's paintings are gorgeous, they photograph well but they are even better in person!!!

Digital photography, I renounce your limitations! And yet I have no better alternatives, so I guess I'll continue to string you along until something better comes along. If only these paintings could be hologramed, just like Tupac...

Stephen has such a facility with both his sense of color and his application of paint. There is something so personal, sensual and intimate about his paintings---a refreshing deviation from the lazy, humorless, voiceless, lemming abstraction that seems to have infiltrated the art world all levels. (clearly I'm not biased)

Nofar's first art show!

My favorite! Hopefully I'll be getting one of these soon for my own collection. Go see Stephen's show!  Link

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