Thursday, April 5, 2012

"This Side of Paradise" Andrew Freedman Home

 Last night, I went to this incredible show in the Bronx that No Longer Empty organized and that a couple of my friends were in.
Andrew Freedman was a millionaire who died in 1915 and left his fortune to people who were once wealthy but who became destitute. During the Great Depression they occupied the mansion and were waited on by servants, spending their days comfortably and leisurely.

 The theme of the show revolved around the history of the mansion and artists were asked to make installations using the most economical materials.

 I loved Adam Parker Smith's installation!!! Dazzling, pervy, sensual, beautiful, and decadent all at once! What's grosser? The donut- pearl-cherry candy combo on the left or the flowery donut hole to the right?
 Why isn't more art this joyful and fun?!

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