Sunday, May 6, 2012


Daniel Gordon

Hernan Bas

Xylor Jane

Sexy Lil tchotchke

Very Sexy detail

Liz Cohen

Always love Anselm Reyle

Daniel McDonald

Jonathan Lasker

the male odalisque is very under represented in art

Ellen Berkenblit

Lara Schnitger

Mary Heilmann

Paul McCarthy 

Matthew Day Jackson

non-utilitarian use of flip-flops

Joanne Greenbaum

Justin Matherly

Peter Strauss

Michele Abeles

Jarbas Lopez

Steven Shearer

Amanda Ross-Ho
Mildly biased perspective, no?

Sarah Braman

Sterling Ruby always has it going on

What I love about Sterling Ruby is that there's always this tremendous tension between belief & disbelief

I mean, who else can make a wash cloth this intriguing?

Aside from having conceptual vigor, Sterling Ruby also makes visually compelling work. He is one of the more interesting artists working right now. 

Chantal Joffe

Louise Bourgeois
who else has depicted the terror of pregnancy and childbirth with such accuracy? surprisingly, also not the most popular theme in art history, despite the presence of the much coveted nude woman.

Lynda Benglis

Joshua Abelow

Richard Hawkins

Richard Hawkins continued...

Tracey Emin

Monika Sosnowska

Alexander Ross

Paulina Olowska

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