Sunday, May 6, 2012


Shila Khatami 

Daniel Heidkamp

Lizzie Wright

Jansson Stegner

Prime example of interspecial cuddling at Sorry We're Closed

Loved these! They were eggy in a neo- Kippenberger sort of way.

Aurélien Porte
I coveted this. In fact if it hadn't been under such close watch, I would have just stuck it in my purse.  Aurélien Porte is my new favorite artist.

This beautiful blue-eyed, blue-haired man called me over from all the way across the fair! I was so flattered that I decided we should have our picture taken together. Lady left  of me was obviously very jealous.

Green Phallus +Real Mushrooms +Genuine sticky tape lettering= mesmerizing combination.

Jesse Greenberg!

Another fantastic Jesse!

Amy from Loyal, who was representing Jesse, was wildly entertaining and a lot of fun to talk to!

Oooooh-oooh, Nice leggz!!

Nice view from behind, too! Although the undergarments could have been sexier. Banana Republic briefs just don't do it for me.

Is there anything Barbie can't do? That's exactly why I try to model myself after her in my own life.

NADA was awesome! I only wish I had had more time.

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