Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Carla Edwards Studio Visit

Carla has an ongoing series of quilts she makes using dyed fragments of American flags.
Carla's flags bear a complex relationship to art history. They are in dialogue with pop art, ab ex, vernacular folk traditions, and feminism. Carla's flags are reminiscent of Jasper Johns in terms of subject matter and how painterly they are.
When Jasper Johns first started painting his American flags no one could tell whether the act of painting the flag was an act of blasphemy or respect. Although Carla's flags reference culture, they are more intimate and personal, as well as having an unmistakable reverence for their subject matter. Carla explained that there is a long history of love and care for the materials in the traditions of quilting.  
Carla also references Islamic traditions and other American folk practices. The graphite drawing is based off of  an Islamic pattern.

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