Thursday, July 12, 2012

Jesse A Greenberg Studio Visit

Jesse's sculptures are incredibly visceral, in both meanings of the word! Some double entendre for you, gentle reader. My mother and I got in a debate over the meaning of the word visceral years ago. She of course being a woman of science knew the definition pertaining to the viscera or the organs of the body and I of course being a woman of the humanities knew the definition pertaining to deep inner feelings. As it turns out, we were both right. Visceral is not a univocal word!

I've been thinking a lot about Jesse's sculptures lately. His work is incredibly complex and has this paradoxical quality that resists categorization. It's very punk in a way :) 

Jesse's smaller sculptures have a sense of monumentality to them, they appear to be massive in photographs. When seen in person, the smaller pieces in particular possess a certain psychological intensity in how intimate and personal they are. 
Although Jesse's medium is always plastics, the ideas behind each sculpture vary greatly, from touching upon natural phenomenon,  to talking about the body, to referencing architecture and pointing out the physical spaces we inhabit. A cohesive and highly sophisticated vision emerges within all these seemingly incongruous vantages.

I especially love this piece, it has a metaphorical quality that I really respond to. The geometric cube seems to embody all our attempts at categorizing, delineating, compartmentalizing, and defining a messy reality which literally ruptures, spills out, and resists our best efforts at explanation. Jesse is in tune with the inexplicable. It's important for all visual art to defy verbalization on some level, otherwise what would be the point of making it?

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