Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Eric Hibit Studio Visit

Eric is a brilliant colorist! My photos don't do justice to his all consuming, fiery palette. It is really refreshing and inspiring to see an artist using color conceptually, rather than sticking with the ubiquitous, faux-sophisticated, b&w palette that blends seamlessly and all too easily with Modernist black leather couches. The Martha Stewart School of Abstract Provisional painting that employs a palette of equally predictable, yawn-worthy earth tones, is just as characterless. Seriously, New York painters, take a lesson from Eric and step it up!   

There's an endearing humor and pathos to all of Eric's work. Eric is a kindred spirit, and since he and I are both Polish, we relate to one another on an entirely different level, because we understand the specificity of our cultural background and how inseparable our ethnicity is from who we are both as people and as artists.  Poles are generally resilient, realistic people who have the ability to laugh at even the bleakest of situations.The line between laughter and tears is often thin, a reality most Poles are naturally attuned to.      

Eric and I also discussed the Polish avante-garde posters of the 70s that influenced so much of design at the time, as well as our own current bodies of work.

The beginnings of a new sculpture...

The works on the wall are a part of a new series Eric's been working on. "Fluffy Stuff" is still in progress. 


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