Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bushwick Basel

Natalie Westbrook

I always love Natalie's comi-tragic, anthropomorphic woodland creatures!!!

Peter Caine

I wasn't familiar with Peter Caine's work before, but I seriously coveted his gooey, animatronic dinosaur egg!!! I really should have filmed it bobbing it's head up and down, rather than taking snapshots. Dinosaurs always seem to put things into perspective ;) When Baudrillard was writing about the pretension of culture, he wasn't referring to self-aware, gooey, animatronic dinos!

Love Love Love

Summer Wheat is a terrific painter

Adam Parker Smith

Looks like Adam's sexy asses got themselves some new sexy pedestals

Brent Owens
What a strange sculpture, I really dug it!!


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