Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Visitor at Black and White Gallery

Friday night I went to this group show that Kathy and Laura were in a couple blocks from my studio

Laura had a really beautiful and eerie sound piece in the show

Kathy :)

Matt Jones

I've been a fan of Matt's for a long time, but after hearing him give a lecture at the Hole in which he talked about these paintings in relation to space, mediation, and belief, I gained a new understanding of the impetus behind this series.

There was something very nostalgic about this drawing for me, it reminded me of all the horror and sci-fi movies my father allowed me to watch behind my mother's back as a child. :D Thanks to my dad I earned so much street cred and respect from all the lil boys at the school yard, who weren't even allowed to have a glimpse at what I was allowed to watch; which was EVERYTHING in the horror/sci-fi section. My mother wouldn't even allow me to watch Gremlins! But she did let me read whatever I wanted, and was so proud of me for reading Stephen King at age 10. Christine was my first introduction to Stephen King, and the detailed descriptions of teenage hand jobs and groping  turned me into a dedicated fan till at least my sophomore year of high school!

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