Saturday, June 16, 2012

Leah Wolff Studio Visit

Leah's "impossible objects." These are objects based off of optical illusions that can only exist in two dimensions. So in creating these, Leah is attempting the impossible, which is an intriguing idea. The quixotic metaphor which emerges from Leah's project  is really beautiful to me.

Aside from the conceptual framework, these are gorgeous objects in and of themselves.

Leah at work in her studio

This is one of Leah's "impossible shapes" which cannot exist as  an object, because it is an illusion.

This is a collaboration between Leah and Guy Ben-Ari, which they showed at NADA recently. Leah explained to me that the Evil Eye is more than a talisman in Israel, and when a person wears it, the message is loud and clear, "Don't mess with me! I dare you!" I wasn't aware of what an aggressive cultural symbol the Evil Eye is.

So Leah and Guy took the idea of the Evil Eye further, and created weaponry to coincide with the contentious connotation of the symbol.

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