Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bushwick Open Studios: 322 Troutman St

These are fun!!! Brent Owens again

Odd fusion of two dissimilar ideologies- 50% pop art 50% crafty woodworker
Hein noticed that a number of artists right now are using what appears at first glimpse as an outsider art aesthetic, in order to create works that are actually sophisticated and self-aware.
 Brent would fit into this category.


Sarah Bednarek

You can't tell from the photo, but the scale of this sculpture is quite large.  This is my favorite of Sarah's sculptures! How does she do it? I'm always amazed.

This sculpture actually opens and closes back up. I was reminded of  Lilian Tone's lecture on Lygia Clark, since there's a parallel between Sarah's work and Clark's, but also because both bodies of work cause a conundrum for public institutions and curators. Since these pieces are meant to be interacted with, putting them behind a glass vitrine would result in killing an integral part of the idea, but allowing people to interact with them threatens the preservation of these sculptures. So it becomes a catch-22.

Stephen Truax

Stephen is in Berlin! Schönen Urlaub, Stephen!

Jenn Brehm
really lovely watercolors

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