Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Caitlin Cherry Studio Visit

Caitlin constructs these maquettes that she later paints from. This one in particular has a wonderful clumsy elegance that accentuates Caitlin's gestural precision.
This was a study for a painting that Caitlin had had in her thesis show. 

 Caitlin also designed an actual canon to go along with her paintings!

Caitlin poured resin on the surface of the painting on the left, which entailed a lot of planning and consideration in order to achieve her desired effect.  She explained her unorthodox approach to process in which she combines the intuitive and improvised nature of her paintings with a highly methodical conceptualism. It seems that a lot of artists are currently thinking about binary oppositions in their work. I wonder whether this trend is a reaction to living during a time when all forms and styles of art are equally embraced. I know that in my own practice it definitely is.

Art Institute represent!!! Always feel so much love for my Alma Mater :)

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